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Daniel Jones | he/him

Human Geography PhD candidate researching how adults with Tourette syndrome experience and interact with public spaces, and what value creative methodological approaches can bring to experience-based disability research.

I'm a mixed methods social-science researcher with a range of qualitative and creative data collection and analysis skills. I am currently completing a PhD in Human Geography, and am looking for full-time post-doctoral academic employment commencing in April 2024. If you wish to discuss an opportunity with me, please email

Recent publications / Speaking engagements:

  • Click here to see my current publications and speaking engagement

Previous Employment

  • Click here for an outline of previous employment history

Areas of expertise:

  • Qualitative data analysis

  • Mixed methods research

  • Intersectionality

  • Disability, neurodiversity, and chronic illness

  • Equality/equity, diversity and inclusivity 

  • Methods training

  • Research engaging with disabled people

  • Solidarity and social justice

  • Space, place and affect

Role requirements:

Hours: 35+ hours per week. Hours can flex with demand.

Duration: Minimum 6 month contract.

Location: Remote, commutable from Newcastle upon Tyne, or only requiring occasional in-person meetings/fieldwork outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. 

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