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fine art & illustration


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Creativity is at the very core of who I am. I just love to make things, whether that's using paint, a camera, or old bits of folded up paper. Through these creative outlets I've had the pleasure of working with and meeting some incredible people and I wouldn't change it for the world!

I also love to facilitate seminars and workshops based on unleashing your inner creativity - it's so rewarding seeing people set up in front of everybody and showing people work that they're really proud of.

If you'd like to find out more about booking my services, head to the links at the top of this page. 

If you just fancy a browse then feel free to have a scroll through this page, which features some of my selected work from across all of my creative outlets!

Untitled_Artwork 3.png




Painting was never something I'd envisioned myself doing, but getting rid of that art-fear and diving head first into this messy world is something I'll never regret

Untitled_Artwork 30.jpg

Portrait photography was my first love, and we're still going strong. You'll often find me standing in the rain, carrying six outfits, stumbling through a forest. It's strangely a common thing for me. 


My art seeks to tell stories; to share genuine narratives and experiences is so powerful to me


As an individual with Tourettes Syndrome, a lot of my illustration and fine-art content is inspired by or based on my experience. There's something very cathartic about creating a visual representation of what's going on in your body.

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