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Publications & Speaking Engagements

Published Works

'Anti-frontiers in zineing: zines, process, and the politics of refusal', GeoHumanities (Forthcoming, Accepted for publication)

'The Value of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Human Geography and Bioethics' (2024) Open Res Europe, 4(49), 1-9.

'Tourette Syndrome and cautious neurodiversity-disability categorisation' (2023), Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 00:1-2.


'Why Zines + Geography beyond the Academy = <3' (2023), in Royal Geographical Society's Communicating Geographical Research Beyond the Academy.

'Exploring a holistic approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Evidence report' (2023), AdvanceHE

'Ethics is everywhere: Human Geography, Bioethics, and the value of interdisciplinary collaboration' (2023), Bioethics, 37(7), 615-616.

'Experiences of disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent staff and PGRs at Newcastle University' (2023), comissioned by Newcastle University, available here

'Waarom verkiest UAntwerpen een extreemrechste lezing boven haar eigen lessen én de garantie op een veilige werkomgeving?' (2022),

'A call for solidarity-focused programming: Channel 4's disability code and the representation of Tourette Syndrome in Scarlett Moffatt Investigates: Britain's Tourette's Mystery' (2022), ViewFinder, 121.

'A Call for Caution: "Stop That" Sentiments Threaten Progress in Tic Disorder Science, Healthcare, and Advocacy' (2022), Brain, 145(4), e18-e20. 

Speaking Engagements

'KLAZO: Devising theatre as community building for Tourette Syndrome' (November 2023), More Than Social Model Festival, Theatre Deli [Commissioned performance and guest lecture]

'(Not So) Public Space: Disability and Intersectional Approaches to Public Spaces' (November 2023), Bodies in Public, University of Amsterdam [Invited guest lecture]

'Looking back on Tourette's: new directions in Tourette's research' (November 2023), NeuroEpigenEthics Closing Ceremony, Universiteit Antwerpen Invited panellist]

'Hidden labour and Tourette Syndrome - the cycle of misinformation, stigma, and pressured awareness-raising' (November 2023), British Sociological Association Conference

'"For the love of God just refer me" - a coproduced qualitative project into the struggles of accessing healthcare services for those living with Tourette Syndrome in the UK' (2023), European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome [Poster-presentation contribution]

'Science-society rifts on tics, compulsions and Tourette's' (2023), European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome [Award winning poster-presentation contribution]

'Science-society rifts on tics, compulsions and Tourette's' (2023), Northern Network of Medical Humanities Research Congress [Panellist] 

'Zines and the academy: a workshop' (2022), Ghent University [Invited guest research seminar]

'Tourette Syndrome and Public Space: Tourettic embodyminds in physical and digital worlds' (2022), Antwerpen Universiteit [Invited  guest research seminar]

'New frontiers in Zineing: zines and process and mode of recovery' (2022), Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference [Session Convenor / Panel Host]

'Escaping the academic bubble via creative practice' (2022), Getting A PhD Conference @ Newcastle University [Paper presentation]

'Tourette Syndrome: adult experiences of public spaces' (2022), TIC-Hull Symposium @ Hull University [Invited keynote lecture]

'A call for caution: stop that sentiments threaten tic treatment and research' (2022), TIC-Hull Symposium @ Hull University [Paper presentation]

'Geographies of Impulse: Tourette's & Public Spaces' (2022), Edinburgh University [Invited guest lecture]

'The amorphous rhythms of tourettic bodily experience' (2021), Following Affect PGR Symposium [Poster presentation]

'Soup for Our PhD: reflections on poetic autoethnographic methods' (2021), Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference [Paper Presentation]

'On non-tourettic accounts of Tourette Syndrome' (2021), American Association of Geographers Annual Conference [Paper presentation]

'Geographies of Impulse: Tourette Syndrome and the post-phenomenological body' (2018), Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference [Paper presentation]

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