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Publications & Speaking Engagements

Published Works

'Anti-frontiers in zineing: zines, process, and the politics of refusal' (Forthcoming, Under Review)

'Why Zines + Geography beyond the Academy = <3' (2023), in Royal Geographical Society's Communicating Geographical Research Beyond the Academy.

'Ethics is everywhere: Human Geography, Bioethics, and the value of interdisciplinary collaboration' (2023), Bioethics, 37(7), 615-616.

'Waarom verkiest UAntwerpen een extreemrechste lezing boven haar eigen lessen én de garantie op een veilige werkomgeving?' (2022),

'A call for solidarity-focused programming: Channel 4's disability code and the representation of Tourette Syndrome in Scarlett Moffatt Investigates: Britain's Tourette's Mystery' (2022), ViewFinder, 121.

'A Call for Caution: "Stop That" Sentiments Threaten Progress in Tic Disorder Science, Healthcare, and Advocacy' (2022), Brain, 145(4), e18-e20. 

Speaking Engagements

'KLAZO: Devising theatre as community building for Tourette Syndrome' (Forthcoming, 2023), More Than Social Model Festival, Theatre Deli [Commissioned performance and guest lecture]

'(Not So) Public Space: Disability and Intersectional Approaches to Public Spaces' (Forthcoming, 2023), Bodies in Public, University of Amsterdam [Guest lecture]

'Looking back on Tourette's: new directions in Tourette's research' (Forthcoming, 2023), NeuroEpigenEthics Closing Ceremony, Universiteit Antwerpen [Panellist]

'Hidden labour and Tourette Syndrome - the cycle of misinformation, stigma, and pressured awareness-raising' (Forthcoming, 2023), British Sociological Association Conference

'"For the love of God just refer me" - a coproduced qualitative project into the struggles of accessing healthcare services for those living with Tourette Syndrome in the UK' (2023), European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome [Poster-presentation contribution]

'Science-society rifts on tics, compulsions and Tourette's' (2023), European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome [Award winning poster-presentation contribution]

'Science-society rifts on tics, compulsions and Tourette's' (2023), Northern Network of Medical Humanities Research Congress [Panellist] 

'Zines and the academy: a workshop' (2022), Ghent University [Guest research seminar]

'Tourette Syndrome and Public Space: Tourettic embodyminds in physical and digital worlds' (2022), Antwerpen Universiteit [Guest research seminar]

'New frontiers in Zineing: zines and process and mode of recovery' (2022), Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference [Session Convenor / Panel Host]

'Escaping the academic bubble via creative practice' (2022), Getting A PhD Conference @ Newcastle University [Paper presentation]

'Tourette Syndrome: adult experiences of public spaces' (2022), TIC-Hull Symposium @ Hull University [Keynote lecture]

'A call for caution: stop that sentiments threaten tic treatment and research' (2022), TIC-Hull Symposium @ Hull University [Paper presentation]

'Geographies of Impulse: Tourette's & Public Spaces' (2022), Edinburgh University [Guest lecture]

'The amorphous rhythms of tourettic bodily experience' (2021), Following Affect PGR Symposium [Poster presentation]

'Soup for Our PhD: reflections on poetic autoethnographic methods' (2021), Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference [Paper Presentation]

'On non-tourettic accounts of Tourette Syndrome' (2021), American Association of Geographers Annual Conference [Paper presentation]

'Geographies of Impulse: Tourette Syndrome and the post-phenomenological body' (2018), Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference [Paper presentation]

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